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Can we pay them Zakat?

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Mufti Sahaab can you please tell me that a person who has learned Quran by heart and he is blind.He came to a Mosque and asked for some money.He said that he has two sisters and he wanted to marry off her two sisters.He asked for some money.Can we pay this person Zakat. I mean… read more »

To defend the land of the Muslims

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Should an 18yr old leave his country and help Allah’s din with his life if the land that practices shariat is being threatened/attacked? Answer Kindly refer below our standard reply to similar queries. and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best Mufti Ebrahim Desai FATWA DEPT. If principle, if a Muslim country is attacked, they have a right… read more »

About the attack on usa

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I want to know what should a muslim feel when these things happen? and there are ppl saying that muslims are like that so what should we reply them? also what should we do ? i mean do we hide from them as we feel afraid. Answer From the Darul Ifta – Plane Crashes in… read more »

I am looking for the source and wording of the Hadith that states that Fasting leads to health and travel to riches.

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Answer The Hadith is recorded in Tabrani. It reads, ?Undertake Jihaad, you will gain booty. Fast, and you will gain health. Travel, and you will become rich (or independent).? The author of Targheeb Wat Tarheed says that the narrators of this Hadith are reliable (vol.2 pg.83) and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best Moulana Imraan Vawda FATWA… read more »

Why is there a difference of opinion in Ulema in considering Jihad as farz-e-aein or farz-e-kifaya these days?

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Jihad as farz-e-aein or farz-e-kifaya these days? In Pakistan there are many Ulema like Moulana masood azher, Mufti Rasheed Ahmed, according to whom, it is fardh-e-aein. If people or Pakistan are insufficient for Afghanistan or kashmir, of people of Palestine are insufficient or not acting for liberation, then wouldnt it be fard-e-aein on the neighboring… read more »