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Waswasah of divorce

Answered by Muftisays.com

Aslaam Alaikum I have some questions relating to the same topic. I firstly like to apologise about the length of the question. Please reply. 1) I am suffering from very bad waswasa of divorce thoughts lately, which come to me without my will or intention. Because i am suffering from waswasa everything i say becomes… read more »

Urgent help

Answered by Muftisays.com

asalam u alaykum I seriously need help with something its that i keep getting images in my head of nasty things can you tell me what i can do plz. asalam u alaykum Answer Bismillah Al-jawab billahi at-taufeeq (the answer with Allah’s guidance) When one has evil thoughts, recite ‘Laa hawla walaa Quwwata Illaa Billaah’… read more »


Answered by Muftisays.com

salaam, evytime i do my wudhu n go to the mosque i hear swears in my head which devil is whispering, this only happens wen i ave wudhu, ive tryd ways n means to over come it bt will my namaz count n will my wudhu be intact if these swears happen in my head??… read more »

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Answered by Muftisays.com

salam.can you please help me.i try to say the khalimah from my heart but my heart wouldnt believe it,i believe it but somethings wrong with my heart.i know its a spiritual disease.i read the quran daily and make dua to Allah to help me but its not going away.my heart just wouldnt accept it,i believe… read more »

Is life insurance permissible?

Answered by Askimam.org

This question pertains to the residents of United States as per the laws of United States. Is Selling Life Insurance and Health Insurance and Annuities or any other kinds of Insurance such as Car Insurance, Home Insurance etc. in United States to Non Muslims is Permissible? Is the commission that one earns from selling life… read more »


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