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What is the meaning of, “Astaghfirullahi Rabbi Min Kulli Zambin Khatyatin Wa atuboo I’lay”? Please quote any available Ahadith with their sources regarding the above recitation.

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Please correct if I have mistransliterated the above prayer. Is this a Qur?aanic Aayat? Answer It is not a quranic Aayah The above is a form of Istighfaar (Seeking forgiveness for one’s sins).Allaamah Jazri (R.A) has recorded a hadith in Hisnul Haseen (Pg. 260 English Version- Crown mines) that whosoever recites Istighfaar in the following… read more »

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Which prayers are perfect to use with Tasbih?. Can you tell me any Dhikr or Salawat that I can use with Tasbih?. Where in the Quran we can find prayers for use with Tasbeeh?.

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Answer a) 1 Tasbih (100 beads) of Durood Shareef (Allaahumma Salli alaa muhammadi wa alaa aali muhammadin kamaa sallayta alaa ibraaheema wa alaa aali ibraaheema, innaka hameedun majeed) b) 1 Tasbih of Third Kalima (Subhaana Allaahi wal hamdu lillaahi walaa ilaaha illa Allaahu Wallaahu Akbar. Wa laa hawla walaa quwwata illaa billaahil aliyy al-adheem) c)… read more »