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Darul Iftaa – Investment schemes

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As salamu alaykum brothers, I am very much impressed by the work you people are doing and alhamdulillah I want to join in the investment schemes you have. I am working in Qatar as a technical support agent in Govt hsp for the last 5 and half years. My home town is Pune in… read more »

Old Mutual Investors Fund

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As-salaamu-alaikum My father invested R12 500 for me in the Old Mutual Investors Fund R (Unit trust) in Oct 2001. This investment grew over the years and the current value is R249 000. The fund invests in wide range of shares which includes Sasol, BHP, ABSA, Naspers, MTN etc.  (See attached… read more »

Is AYA financial shariah compliant?

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Assalam u alaikum Mufti Sahab, I have a friend who recently moved to Sarnia (closer to Toronto) and has inquired about Halal Mortgage financing similar to UIF in the US. He was told that Aya financial might be the closest halal source for mortgage financing in all of Canada and some people have… read more »

Zakat on Shares

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Salaams. My company had given me shares (involuntary), around 2010. Ive never even really knew how much was it and actually didn’t bother to check as I thought it was hardly anything. I decided to investigate and managed to sell it at a price of +-R17000 in May 2019. It is a French Company… read more »

Zakat on investment which is not being repaid

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Assalamualaykum Zakaat related question. I invested 2 lak and in lieu I was receiving certain percentage of the profit. For my necessity, I expressed withdrawal of the investment, since THEN the man hasn’t paid me back original money nor the profit saying that business is bad. Now it’s been 5 years in this way…. read more »