Can we treat a video or photo as an evidence against or for any person in order to prove him guilty or not? If so, then video, photo must be allowed. As you know that videos, photos and many other things preserves events in a real time ie when it happens. So, to know the truth these techniques are extremely helpful to deliver the justice. Islam wants justice to be revealed at any cost and there must not be even an iota of injustice to anybody. In fact these techniques help us to know the truth and a person can not lie if he or she knows that his or her video or photo is taken and can be produced in a court. Like for example I have a shop which has video camera in it, so if somebody attempts to thief and his activities are captured by camera. So, is it allowed in Islam to produce that as an evidence against the thief in a court? If it is allowed then photography, videography must be allowed in Islam if not then why?

A man and his wife living in 1BHK flat with the man’s mother. The woman enjoys a separate bedroom and privacy. Yet she demands that man buys a separate house for her. The man promises that he would buy a house but says it will take a long time to save that amount of money required. The woman asks her husband for Khula saying she cannot wait for a long time for a house of her own. She leaves her husband & child and goes to live with her parents. She is adamant that her husband buys her a house or give her khula. They have been living separately for 1 year now and do not have any more children. (1) Does she have the right to ask for khula under such circumstances? (2) Is she entitled for iddah amount or maintenance amount for a period of 4 months with the khula and also retains her mahr amount? (3) Can she give over the custody of child to her husband, if this be the wish/demand of her husband? (4) Is a Khula on above reason, terms and condition valid and in conjunction with Shariah and Quran?

I am responsible for business development and marketing of a company; we supply industrial material and get contracts/ projects. But almost 90% of our very low/reasonable profit quotations are rejected as we did not pay any commission/bribe to the procurement/purchasing department whose responsibility is to just award us the order or contract. We are into loss as a result. Is it permissible in any condition to pay them money/gift etc? Secondly if any person awards us a contract can we give him a gift/cash/hotel stay etc which is neither fixed nor agreed earlier, just as a good will that he helped. Kindly if you can give a detailed answer as being a Muslim I need to make sure that I do not earn a single rupee haram.

How the property will be distributed in 4 sisters and 1 brother. Property belongs to parents of my mother, her parents have died more than 30 years ago. Her brother is using land’s benefits for approximately 30 years without sharing it with any sister and there was a house also which has been sold by her brother few years ago and he did not share anything with any sister. How the kaffarah will be paid to sisters by him for benefits and house selling and what will be the Shariah policies in this case?

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