Hanafi Fiqh

Distribution Of Qurbani Meat

Question: As Salam Alaikum Mufti sab. Generally we make 3 parts of gosth and distribute the 2 parts between poor and relatives. If the qurbani is given in the name of huzoor or other persons like parents and grand parents name with the money from my income. what...

Hanafi Fiqh

Eating food from Haraam income.

Question: Is it proper to partake of food at such a person’s home whose means of income is of Haraam sources? Is it proper to attend such weddings and receptions in which there is singing and dancing? Answer: If the entire income or most of it is from Haraam sources...

Hanafi Fiqh

Interest and Insurance

I am a state govt employee of Odisha. Can I use interest money received from L.I.C ,India in lieu of Annual Income Tax which is directly deducted from my salary in the month of February every year? (So it will be assumed that the interest money received from L.I.C is...