illicit relationship

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Since we are seeing each other, can we perform a secret marriage to avoid committing adultery and officially marry next year?

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I am proposed to a girl. Our families want us to marry only next year. Answer Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) advised, ?Announce the Nikah.? (Mishkaat pg.272; Qadeemi) The wisdom behind the announcement is to avoid any misconception of an illegal and illicit relationship between the boy and girl. Although the first and secret marriage for… read more »

Love before Marraige

Answered by Muftisays.com

I have been seeing a girl for some time and want to marry her insha’Allah. My parents are totally against and have told me to pick her or my parents. Naturally, I have been forced to pick my parents as Allah subhana watala says that parents are first. I am trying to live life without… read more »