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1.How it is linked between span of life Quran3.156 &154 (It is Allah that gives life and death), 2.155(Allah’s test on believer with loss of life) & reason of death (if suicide which is prohibited).

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I am an ordinary Muslim working in a good organization/post by the sheer grace of Allah . I do follow ?Islamic tenets? as much as possible. I used to teach my late son (only child) for same also. Nowadays I am under severe distress due to mysterious death (killed & then hanged or suicide )… read more »

What do muslims have against hindus?Why is everything to do with hinduism so haram,when hinduism is much older than islam?Would that not mean that everyone at some stage converted?

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Answer Muslims do not have anything against Hindus, rather the Hindus should be asked what is it that they have against the Muslims that leads them to massacre and rape Muslims every so often in India! Hinduism is a religion of idolatry and shirk (polytheism) which is completely contrary to the teachings of Islam and… read more »

Attendance at a non-Islamic Wedding…cousin’s wedding is drawing closer. I’m invited. I know from past weddings – it will have a mixture of hindu and christian/jewish customs

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My cousin’s wedding is drawing closer and I am sure to be invited. However, I also know – from past weddings – that it will have a mixture of hindu (mushrik) and christian/jewish (ahl-al-kitaab) customs (as do most “Muslim” weddings nowadays), as well as the “necessary music” (and other forbidden practices). With full knowledge of… read more »