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Recitation whilst on haidh

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aww is it permissable for a woman to recite from manzil and hisbul-azam whilst in the state of haidh. www Answer Answer In the name of Allah the Merciful, the Kind 1. A lady who is in the state of Haidh (monthly cycle) cannot recite from the Quran for the reason that she is temporary… read more »

Monthly courses

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When a lady is menstruating, she is not able to perform her salaat, but it is permissible to perform ablution (wudhu). Why is this so? What deeds can a lady perform while in her menses and which deeds can she not perform? Answer Bismillah Al-jawab billahi at-taufeeq (the answer with Allah’s guidance) 1) In the… read more »

Monthly Periods

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Asalaam Alekum, I have a question about Salaat. Since quite a while I’ve been praying all my prayers I try not miss any prayer. In the morning when I wake up and after performing my Fajr namaaz I read Surah Yaseen once. And then go back to sleep again. But whenever I have my monthly… read more »

Masalla with regards to discharge and fasting

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Due to a contraceptive method used, I am not getting my normal menses. However, I do have discharge throughout the month , and this can often be discoloured ie yellow in colour. Should I refrain from praying Salaat while experiencing such discharge during my Haidh time? I have been advised to not pray, however it… read more »

Making up fast.

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asalaamu alaikum,does one have to make up her fast when missed during ramadhan due to haiz? i was told that one does not have to and this is mentioned in the bukari.is this true? jazakallah Answer Bismillah Al-jawab billahi at-taufeeq (the answer with Allah’s guidance) Women must keep one Qadha fast due to Haidh (Menses)… read more »

I’tikaaf and haidh

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If a women wants to do i’tikaaf in her home and is not certain whether or not she will start her period in the last few days would it still be permissble for her to do i’tikaaf? Does haidh stop one from doing i’tikaaf. When exactly does the 10 day i’tikaaf start? Answer Bismillah Al-jawab… read more »

Haydh masala

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Respected Mufti Saheb, I need advice with a haydh masala. I hope you will be able to help. A sister, for two to three years now, starts off with 3-4 days spotting, then about 8 days of bleeding. She would make ghusl on the 11th day (of the first day of spotting) and commence salaah… read more »


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Asslamu alaykum. If bleeding stops within 10 days and 10 nights but yellowish discharge continues beyond 10 nights, when would i assume the end of my period? This question has been answered before but for a sister following the shaafee school of thought. Is the ruling the same from a Hanafi point of veiw? Jazakallahu… read more »


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i am 49 years oldi have irregular periods but i basically know most rules regarding maximum days of period etcmy discharge is the problem both at the beginning when i am about to start and towards the end of my period the discharge is a more creamy colourfor instance today (my 9th day of periods… read more »