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My marriage has since broken up as he turned out to be a very horrible and abusive man who has no respect for women or our religion. …If I do still need an Islamic divorce, please can you inform me of the correct procedures of Islamic divorce

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1)      A few years ago, I got involved in a haram relationship.  At the time I was ignorant and thought I was in love. I didn’t look at if he was suitable for me as a husband or if he would make a good father. I married the guy against the will of my family…. read more »

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In Question 15302 Mufti Ebrahim Desi notes that ‘ An adult boy and girl wishes to marry, they have a right to do so.’ but then when asked again another mufti, Mufti muhammed ashraf replyed in question 9276 that nor sayed girl or non sayed girl cannot marry without consent of guardian those answers create… read more »

About secret marriage, you have stated that all that is needed for a marriage to be valid is 2 sane Muslim men as witnesses (no wali or imam). However, when we called our local Masjid and talked to the imam about our situation and marriage, he told us a hadith that said that a marriage is not-valid without a wali. He went on to tell us that a wali is required for it to be a valid marriage!

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About 6 months ago, I was involved in a haram relationship with a muslim sister. Alhamdolillah, with hidayah and guidance from Allah (swt), I became a much better muslim, and me and the sister have stopped the relationship. Now, we only talk online,  rarely just to say hi and hows it going. I still however… read more »