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Government assistance

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Q: I began a home education course last year around April when I was 17. In turn the government paid us benefits. However I slacked from April last year and only began taking the course seriously this year in early Jan. I had already made the intention to save up money to pay back the… read more »

Road Accident Fund

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Q: The road accident fund agrees to pay a person involved in a motor vehicle accident R100 000 for general damages. This agreement is taken to the high court so it can be made into a court order. The court order is made on 1 january 2017 that the road accident fund will pay the… read more »

Using a new passport to avoid umrah visa fees

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Q: In their thirst for mock Umrahs, travel operators in South Africa are defrauding the Saudi Government. They are advising prospective travellers to apply for a renewal of their passports earlier than required even though the traveller’s current passport is valid and not due to renewal until after several years/months have lapsed. In other words,… read more »