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Zakaat on land not bought for re-sale.

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assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Some years back my Sister decided to buy a property (land + ready house). The price of the property was finalized at Indian Rupee (INR) 20 Lakh. My Sister paid INR 5 Lakh by selling whatever gold she had. She planned to pay the remaining amount by way of bank… read more »

Istikhara for marriage

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Asalamwalaykum , I have been praying istakhara for marriage and would like some guidance on interpreting my dreams. 1. First istakhara was made in Ramadan my dream showed me I was on my honey moon with this man who was my husband , he was wearing a blue top with blue jeans. It shows we… read more »

Zakaat Query

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Asalamu Alykum   Mufti Saab, I’m hanafi.  i have 25.5 pavan of gold,  i don’t have money with to pay the zakkath of gold since I’m jobless .  My husband also don’t have money since i delivery a baby girl 8 days before.  He currently have 80000 debt for his fathers hajj expense, … read more »

Zakaat query

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Assalamualikm, We are living a good life Allhamdulliah. We have two houses, one we live another one tenant. But we have bank loan for both houses. So we dont have any savings since what ever we save goes to loan. So what would be the zakat for us? Second question, if a woman have some… read more »

Zakat on savings

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Assalam Alaikum.   Subject – Zakah while saving to buy a house.   Ramadhan Kareem. I am from India. My question – I am currently living in my Brothers house. I am nearly 40 years and would like to buy a house for myself without taking loans and paying interest…. read more »