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Zakaat for 25 tola gold

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Q: I have about 25 tola gold۔ I want to know the zakaat in rupees. A: You will have to give 0.625 tola of the gold as zakaat or its equivalent value in cash. You may ask your local jeweller what is the value of 0.625 tola of gold in rupees. And Allah Ta’ala (الله… read more »

Qurbaani for an unmarried girl

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Q: I am a 25 year old unmarried woman (will get married in a few months). My parents passed away a few years ago and I don’t have any other siblings. I live with a relative in very good condition. I am presently working with a medium level salary and I have a little inherited… read more »

Giving zakaat to a person in debt

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Q: A maid (widow) is in dire need to buy a small room. She sells her only possession (gold worth one lakh rupees) for this purpose and hands over this amount to the middleman. The middleman is responsible for giving this one lakh to the actual owner of the room who is in another city…. read more »

Taking a false oath

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Q: On the demand of my mother in law, I had to give 10 tolas of gold before marriage but I arranged for 7 tola and for rest, I was not financially strong so I made artificial gold bangles so that our marriage should not be affected. At that time I thought of making real… read more »