I am a follower of Hanafi fiqh and currently residing in Saudi Arabia. (1) I want to ask if the imam has stood for Khutba for Jumuah on his member, can one person offer tahiyatul wudhu and tahiyatul masjid, if he arrived the mosque after Khutba has started? One man was quoting Maulana Ibna Baz (ra) fatwa that one can offer. Please give detail with specific quotes if one cannot offer? (as per my knowledge one cannot offer but I don’t know justification). Please reply. (2) Can one offer nafl salah in Masjid al-Haram and Masjid Nabwi during makrooh time? (3) Why taqleed of only one Imam is allowed?

Below are my questions: (1) I am a Hanafi but prefer to keep my hands above the navel while in Salah, read surahs behind the Imam in Zuhr and Asar. I know in Hanafi school we are not allowed to but what happens if I continue to do so? (2) Is it correct to take wasilah? Can we take wasilah of the Prophet (SAWS) Auliyah etc? (3) Can we do taqlid of all the four great imams at the same time . What are the ill effects of doing so? (4) Does Khatm-e-Quran done for a deceased person benefit him? Normally, when a person dies people read Quran saying that the sawab is for the dead person. Is it valid? (5) Can we consume fish that are fed pork? I heard that fish raised in farms have been fed pork to accelerate growth. (6) What does Shariah say on rules of the country? Like jumping a signal or going through wrong side, triple riding etc are dangerous to life but will there be a sin on not following them? (7) Is it a sin if we don’t pay income tax if we earn above the limit set by the Government?

(1) How many rakahs are there in Jumuah salah according to Fiqh-e-Hanafi, and who is Imam Abu Yusuf (Rahmatullah Alaih) and what is his stance on number of rakahs in Jumuah? (2) Can we pray tahiyatul Masjid or 4 rakahs sunnah muwakkidah when imam is giving khutbah? (3) Here in Saudi Arabia, immediately after Zawal time Jumuah azaan is given which is followed by khutbah, we don’t get time to pray 4 rakahs sunnah salah, in this case can we pray before time or can we pray after Jumuah fardh salah? (4) Can we reply to azaan of khutbah or do we have to keep quiet and just listen without replying? Can we raise hands and say amen to dua of imam in khutbah?

Someone divorced his wife in anger three times in one sitting with three children, now they are really sorry for it and the husband wants to take wife back. Hanafi fatwa is that it is counted as three and the wife must get married to another man and get divorced to get back to the first husband. Salafi and other many scholars (local and internal) telling this is one and husband can take wife back. Being a Hanafi all along, husband and wife find hard to accept fatwa from other but it is now really matter of life. But it is breaking the family and children and they like to get back. Question is that can they get back with one divorce (as per Salafi and other scholar fatwa)? This is critical for life and they want it onetime thing and not a habit to make change every time. Will it be correct if they decide to get back using fatwa from other Madhhab scholar for this one purpose and still live with Hanafi Madhhab? What does Shariah say to accept fatwa from other Madhhab? Please reply

Please solve the following issue for us in Ghana and those like us. In my country Asr salah time is according to Maliki-Shafi’i in every masjid throughout the country. As a strict follower of the Hanafi Madhhab; (1) can one join the Jamah of Asr salah in Shafi’i time without repeating it later when it is time for Hanafi? (2) Can one lead Asr Jamahas an Imam in Shafi’i time? (3) Can one pray alone as per Shafi’I time without repeating it? May Allah grant you the taufiq and hikmah to solve this issue as you have done to other issues on your website.

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