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I am a woman who suffers OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) from past 5 years; due to this I have unimaginably intense waswasa (whispers from the satan) from past 5 years. I have waswasa in wudhu (ablution) ghusl (bath), salah, fasting and in all deeds. I take a long time for wudhu and ghusl. Always I have doubt about purity. I usually take 3 or 4 bath in a day. I usually have waswasa in making intension. For 4 months the intensity of waswasa increased and I felt suddenly that I am non-Muslim. I have very bad thoughts about Allah and Prophet (saw) which I cannot say- they are very evil thoughts. These thoughts are attacking me in every moment of life. I would repeat the Shahadatain (testimony of faith) and Kalimah of Radde Kufr many times but there was a feeling inside that I did not believe it. But I NEVER EVER DO IT. Will the evil thoughts due to waswasa converts to riddath? Will the repeated taking of shahada and kalimah radde kufr become a sin? I cannot eat study and talk properly. I had met a psychiatrist and taking medicines. Besides, I still pray regularly, read Quran and fast. I got Islamic knowledge well at childhood and I always try to live in Islamic way. I know that the way to treat this waswasa is not to pay any attention to it, I really do that. Whenever waswasa occurs, I usually say `Auzu Billahi Minash Shaitanir Rajeem` and recite Ayatal Kursi, Surah Ikhlas, Muawwazatain everyday and try to move away from it. But every time I failed and paid attention to it. I know that I am wrong. I made a lot of istighfar and taubah. I would say ‘Audhu Billah’ more than 500 times in a day. I am overwhelmed with waswasa. I am afraid of meeting people because I cannot say “Audhu Billah” when I am middle of crowd. What should I do? Please advise me. I cannot get rid of these evil thoughts and I am in a state that no one knows but Allah. Please pray for me.

Answered by Darulifta-Deoband.org