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Are crabs and lobsters Halal.

And May I have the proof for your answer.I was told that any creature which lives and dies in the sea is Halal food. But it is to my understanding that lobsters and crabs do not live and die in the sea, so are they halal. And also i was told that lobsters are Haram...

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Pictures in the house

assalamualaykum wrwb i have heard that keeping pictures in the house is haraam. 1) i have told some members of my family about this and they do not want to get rid of family photos especially of deceased. 2) we have newspapers in the house but they get recycled and...

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Assalamoliakum I would like to know whether it is permissible to keep pets such as tortoises, rabbits, budgies, fish etc. i am well aware that we should not keep dogs as pets but if you could clarify the position concerning other animals i would much appreciate it ?...

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Newspapers containing pics

assalamualaykum warahmatullai wabarakatuhu my brothers bring in newspapaers constantly into the home. which are filled with pictures crossing out the eyes etc wastes so much of my time and within the week or so they get recyclyed and used up or thrown away, so is it...

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Looking at pictures

A.A.W.W, Dear Mufti Saheb, I know that angels do not enter the house in which pictures of dogs or animals are kept, i would like to know if you are allowed to look at pictures? Jazakallahu Khair Answer Answer In the name of Allah the Glorified It is permissible to...

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How do I humble myself? I think I am too prideful and I hate it. I try to focus on ym mistakes, and Alhamdulillahi Rabbil AaLameen, Allah Tala has let me realized I am a horrble person on the inside, but I dont know why then I still soemtimes look down upon others. I...