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piercing the belly button

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assalamu alaykum please could you tell me if it is jaiz for a women to pierce her belly button. what about the person that pierces it for her, will she get the sin of seeing the satr of another women? jazakallah wassalam Answer Answer In the name of Allah It is not permissible to pierce… read more »


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Salaam I have a “quite a few” questions regarding Jinns. 1. Firstly I’ve have heard that there are more Jinns than humans, if that is true does that mean that there are more than 6 Billion Jinns? 2. Coz Jinns also have 2B Muslims too, does that mean that Man & Jinn are equal, will… read more »

jinn attack

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was attacked by a jinn at night this month in Ramadhan. I had come home after being at the mosque praying Taraweeh. I remember asking Allah to help me get the best out of Ramadhan because in the past I had always had weak Ramadhans because of somthing or other. In the night I felt… read more »

Concentrating In Salah

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Salaam When reading Salah I find it quite to concentrate 100% on Salah, even though im reading my mind usually drifts off thinking about something else. I knows its the devil trying to put u off but then he does that all the time. It happens more when reading behind an Imam coz he is… read more »

Seeking Black Magic Cure from a Hindu Guru

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Someone has a daughter who is sick and dying. A Hindu acquaintance of theirs offered the services of her Hindu guru who specializes in curing “black” magic. The parents are desperate, and despite my trying to convince them otherwise, they insist that going to this Hindu guru is halal under their life and death circumstances…. read more »

Selling Insurance Policies to Non-Muslims

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I work in a call centre. Part of my job is to sell insurance policies to non-Muslims, what would the shar’i order for this be? ANSWER In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful, All prevalent types of commercial insurances are unlawful (haram) in Shariah as they have either an element of interest (riba)… read more »

The Concept of the evil eye (nazar).

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I would like to know the exact position of the evil eye (nazar) in Islam. If for example you praise the looks of a child and don’t say masha Allah, does that mean that something bad will happen to the child? If somebody is doing well in our community and then things go wrong then… read more »

Islamic Althernatives for Mortgage

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Why is Riba, such as bank interest, forbidden? Are there any alternatives in Britain? ANSWER In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful, Riba (usury) has been clearly and explicitly prohibited in the Qur’an and Sunnah. The Holy Qur’an has declared war on those who do not abstain from this grave sin. Allah Most… read more »

Having doubts about Allah.

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Please advise me: I am having big doubts in Allah Ta’ala. I weep and make du’a for them to go away, but they don’t. It is ruining my life, I feel like I am so far from the Deen now. I live in the US and the problem is when I look around at the… read more »