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Marital problems

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Q: I am a 30 year old women, with a 3 year old daughter. I am currently looking to seek Khula. My husband is also my first cousin and I was very happy with my marriage, however he left me over 2 years ago due to the following reasons: 1. Before we got married I… read more »

Fantasizing about other women

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Q: I am married to my cousin (mother’s side) 6 years ago.This was a pure arranged marriage and neither of us had any likeness apart from the fact that we were cousins before marriage. We both try to make salaah on time and we take care of each other as well. My question is that what… read more »

Who can meet in iddat

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I want to know that my real uncle (Chacha) has expired so that my aunty is now in iddah so I want to know that who can talk with her or meet with her and can she walk on the roof. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (Fatwa: 907/907/M=09/1436) The mahram of the Chachi such as her… read more »


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My parents want to marry me with my cousin (khala’s son) but previously I have heard that my mom has breastfed him. Now we confirmed from my mother she is saying I don’t remember whether I have breastfed him or not, but I think I would not have breastfed him. In such circumstances can I… read more »

My grandmother has given me milk so she is my suckling mother, that makes my aunty my suckling sister, is it permissible for me to marry my aunty’s daughter who is my cousin? She has not had any milk at all.

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم (Fatwa: 1262/1262/M=11/1434) If your grandmother suckled you while you were a baby then she became your foster mother and your phuphi became your foster sister and her daughter will be your foster Bhanji. Hence your nikah is not lawful with your phupi’s daughter as it is unlawful the nikah of real… read more »