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Selling auto insurance.

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Q. I would like to know if selling auto insurance is haram or is it ok for us to do? A. All types of conventional insurances are considered to be unlawful by the scholars and auto insurance will fall into this. Due to the fact that having an auto insurance is a requirement in accordance… read more »

Selling a Masjid to Christians.

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Q. There is a nearby community (adminstration of the masjid) who has or is going to sell the current masjid to the Christians for the purpose of building a new masjid in an area where the people on the adminstration committee can conveniently attend the masjid. What is the ruling in the light of the… read more »

Qurbani in another country.

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Q. The Qurbani of a person in Trinidad is done in another country before that person prays his Salaat in his own country. Is his Qurbani valid? A. The Qurbani of this person in Trinidad will be valid even though the Qurbani in the other country was done before he actually performed his Eid Salaah…. read more »

Qurbani in foreign countries.

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Q. In recent times in Trinidad I’ve noticed the practice at EID UL ADHA times for some muslims to send their money to foreign countries (usually poor ones) to have their meats to be distributed there. I seek knowledge as to this practice if it is permissible as compared to simply doing it locally. A…. read more »

Nowaday practices in a Muslim marriage.

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Q. Nowadays Muslim marriage ceremonies include many practices that are common among non-Muslims (such as exchanging of rings which you discussed on the website). Can you give a break down of the things which are and are not permissible in a Muslim marriage ceremony, such as regards having a cake (and cutting it as a… read more »

Using the Masjid as a residence.

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Q. What is ruling of the Sharia’ regarding using the Masjid/Musallah as a residence for a short or a long time? What is the ruling about somebody coming from overseas for the cause of Islam (for instance a Jamaat or an a’lim coming over to teach the deen) and staying in the Masjid for a… read more »

Marrying someone in another country.

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Q. I have interest to marry a sister outside of USA living in another country. I want to know can we marry by Proxy or Islamic Proxy because I cannot travel to her right away. A. Yes, it is permissible for you to appoint someone as your legal representative, who will be in the gathering where… read more »

Islamic Education at Darul Uloom.

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Q. I mean no offence in the following question but it is a concern as I had a conversation with a senior brother, who stated to me that he knew Mufti Shabeel. I was concerned as a respected Alim and active member of the Darul Uloom Trinidad’s son is attending the Darul Uloom of another… read more »

Use of insurance.

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Q. I would like some fatwah on the use of insurance please. A. Because of the fact that the entire insurance system is connected to Riba (interest), the majority of Islamic scholars have ruled against it. Hence, it will not be permissible for one to get into. However, where it is the law of a… read more »