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Presence of Congregation upon Starting the Second Prayer is amongst the Conditions for Valid Combination

A man arrived late for Maghrib prayer. However, the Imam had made the intention to combine Maghrib and Isha` because of rain. The late comer joined the congregation during the first Rakah of Isha` prayer, offered the three Rakahs of Mghrib and made Tasleem. Then, he stood up and rejoined the congregation, during the fourth Rakah of Isha,` to combine Isha` with Maghrib. Is this valid or not?

Shafi'i Fiqh

Is Women`s Following an Imam Invalidated by the Malfunctioning of Speakers in their Musala?

We live in Australia and our mosque is made of adjacent houses where the Imam leads the prayer from the first house (Main mosque). A week ago, the Imam forgot to turn the microphone on and so the women couldn`t hear him. Therefore, they decided to make a congregation of their own. One of them said that it isn`t permissible to have two congregations at the same time, but another replied that they can`t follow the Imam because they can`t hear him. Is the prayer of those women valid? Kindly clarify with special reference to the Shafie position.

Shafi'i Fiqh

Combining two Prayers because of Rain

We have received some questions from the prayer performers at at Al-Nour Mosque/Al-Madinah Al-Riyadiyah about combining two prayers because of rain. First, what are the correct conditions, which oblige prayer performers to combine two prayers? Second, if some of them refused to adhere to those conditions and insisted on combining the two prayers, is the other party-out of enjoining kindness and forbidding inequity-obliged to clarify that the conditions for the combining aren`t met? Is that party sinful if it didn`t do so? If it was imperative upon the other party-out of enjoining kindness and forbidding inequity-to make such clarification, is it obliged to keep repeating that or it suffices to do it once to avoid incurring sin?

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