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I know that it is not allowed to celebrate occasions like Valentine’s day, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, etc. But here in USA when these occasions are near, they have sales in stores…

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But here in USA when these occasions are near, they have sales in stores. Most of the times it is candies that have their symbols or names on them. E.g. when Valentine?s Day comes, they sell candies that says happy valentine. They are specially packed for that, because regularly these candy wrappers wouldn?t say these… read more »

regarding christmas/diwali

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Assalamualaikum i would like to know whether there is a ruling regarding wishing Christians well over christmas and Hindus well over diwali? i have read some where that this is forbidden as you are confirming their faith. So can we wish them well..or is it haraam? Answer It is not permissible to wish non-Muslims during… read more »

Can a Muslim participate in non-muslim’s religious celebrations for example Christmas, Deevali, etc.?

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Assalamoalaikum Mufti Sahab! Kindly advise a)whether a Muslim is allowed to participate for the sake of friends in their religious events like Christmas, Deevali, etc. b)in your website, when you say ‘not permissible’ or ‘impermissible’, what does it means? does it means haraam? or its makrooh or its unadvisable? JazakAllahumul khairan kaseera. Answer It is… read more »

xmas cards

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assalamualaikum, are we allowed to give xmas cards & giftrs to non- muslim friends? jazakallah Answer Answer: In the name of Allah the Exalted In terms of giving gifts and presents we learn from the works of Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ail Taavi , who based his teaching on the Quran and Sunnah of Rasulullah ,… read more »