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Ghusl or Adhan first?

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As salaamu’alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, We had a question in regards to the sunnan of childbirth. We read fatwa #30558 and the linked book but our question remains. In the fatwa, and in the book, it is mentioned that the baby should be bathed or given ghusl before the adhan and iqaamah… read more »

Is family tax benefit permissible?

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Assalamo Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu I have two questions, 1) In Australia, Family Tax benefit can be applied by a couple with single income. The government pays fortnightly to meet the children’s needs. Family Tax benefit A & B. One of them requires that a child has be immunized as per government’s… read more »

Can a child carry mother’s surname?

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Is it permissible to give a child its mother’s last name instead of the father’s last name? For example, let’s say the father’s name is Jon Smith, he was not born or raised as a muslim but converted to Islam before marrying his wife. The wife’s name is Aisha Yusuf, she was born and raised… read more »

Bleeding for 41 days

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A woman started bleeding after the birth of her child. She bled for 35 days. Thereafter her bleeding stopped for a complete day. She started performing her salah. The next day (37th day) she started bleeding again. She is on the 41st day after birth. Will this be counted as Haydh or is it nifas until the… read more »

Renaming Child

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Assalamualikum Mufti Sab, I choose my daughter’s name as “Aafiyah Sumaiyyah” and called out this name when I gave azaan and iqamat in her ears. There is need felt in the family that my daughter’s name should have a part of my name also included. My name is Saleem Ahmed. I have two questions… read more »

I Intend to divorce my wife

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Assalamualikum! My wife wants to have a child but I don’t want to have a child. She said that by sharia I am bound not to discharge outside (Uzel). How can I avoid a child and what is the sharia ruling for it? Please note that she is in good health and also I… read more »

I cannot concieve

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i m married for passed 4 yr and soon aft my marriage i was pregnancy and i m  having a daughter ,she is 4 years old now i want to conviece i m trying for last 8 month .i was having a ovarian cyst but i did a treatment of three month now alhamduillah i… read more »