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My wife has cheated on me!

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A/A I’ll try to keep it short. I’m a simple guy who’s never been in any kind of relationship with any girl ever.   I got married a year ago but couldn’t adjust well with my spouse who seemed selfish and disobedient. But I tried to carry on.  … read more »

Custody of children after divorce

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My husband gave one talaaq ba’ain. I few weeks later I discovered I was 7weeks expecting. After delivery of baby and iddah expiry I want to know who has custody of this child? Mother or Father? Answer In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. As-salāmu… read more »

Hajj or conceiving a child?

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My wife and I were planning to go for Hajj next year. But next year we have another plan, which is to have children. My wife is insisting on that, and we cannot delay it any longer, because it has already been nearly two years since we got married. She is now very eager… read more »

Breastfeeding Queries

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Aslam o alaikum, I am a mother of 17 months old baby boy. I have few questions about breastfeeding. 1- For how long I can breasfeed my son? 2- The duration mentioned in quran is according to lunar calendar or georgian calendar? 3- Is there different ruling for boy or girl? 4- If accidently… read more »

Suitability of the name Maariyah

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Pease advise on the suitability and permissability of the name Maria/Maariyah/ Mariyyah as a girls name. What is the original languange and does it have an Arabic meaning? Please advise on the correct spelling and pronounciation of the name. Answer In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful…. read more »

A husband who verbally abuses his wife.

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My question is how to deal with my husband who is verbally abusive to me and uses derogatory words to put me down in front of our children. I have been married for 13years alhamdulillah and ever since we had our fist child my husband belittles me and is verbally abusive to me infront… read more »


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LAWS OF SADAQATUL FITR Answer LAWS OF SADAQATUL FITR UPON WHOM IS SADAQATUL FITR WAJIB? Sadaqatul fitr is wajib on the following persons: A person upon whom zakaat is Wajib (i.e. to possess assets of a productive nature equivalent to the value of 612.36g of silver.)  … read more »