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Sexual Relations in Ihraam

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Q: A person in the state of Ihraam indulged in sexual relations. What is the condition of his Hajj? Can you please explain in detail the laws pertaining to a Mufrid, Mutamatti’ and a Qaarin in this situation.From Ihyaaud Deen. This entry is part 21 of 23 in the series Hajj MasaailA: If a person… read more »

Unable to Fulfill Exact Vow

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Q: A person takes a vow that if I recover from this illness I will slaughter a camel and feed the poor. He then recovers but cannot easily find a camel to slaughter. What should he do? A: He may slaughter 7 sheep in place of the camel and feed the poor. Source

Shares In a Buffalo, Cow, Ox and Camel

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Q: How many shares are there in a buffalo, cow, ox or camel? A: There are seven shares in a buffalo, cow, ox and camel. ولا يجوز بعير واحد ولا بقرة واحدة عن أكثر من سبعة ويجوز ذلك عن سبعة وأقل من ذلك و هذا قول عامة العلماء (الهندية ص297 ج5)   Answered by: Mufti… read more »

Nisaab of Camels

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Q: What is the Nisaab amount for Camels? A: Zakaat only becomes fardh once a person owns five camels. If the total amount of camels the person possesses equals less than five then zakaat will not be waajib. The following table could be consulted for easy reference to the nisaab amount and zakaat due on camels…. read more »