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Period of breastfeeding

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Q: A hadith states لا رضاغ بعد الفصال Hidaya mentions that the growth from the milk stops after the child’s nutrition is changed. If a child was weaned at 8 months due to a 2nd pregnancy, then the mother gave birth and is feeding the 2nd child, can she feed the first child expressed milk?… read more »

The rights of a foster mother

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Q: Firstly, when a relation of a milk mother (foster mother) or “Razaat” is established through breastfeeding a child, is this status of a mother given to the breastfeeding woman because of respect only and can she be regarded as a step mother? Secondly, does this status of milk mother make her equivalent to a… read more »

Time limit for breastfeeding

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Q: How do you calculate two years of breast feeding? Say someone started breast feeding on the 5th Muharram, would the time limit be exactly on the 5th Muharram two years later or do you calculate it like iddat which would result in 24×30=720? A: The breast feeding is permissible till the child reaches two… read more »

Kindly explain this hadith

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A non Muslim query on Islam permitting adults to be breastfed, whilst quoting a site would you please clarify on the supposed hadith from Inn msjah, appsrentap. Answer In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most Merciful. As-salaamu `alaykum wa-ramatullahi wa-barakatuh. The period of breastfeeding is… read more »