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Problems between inlaws and mother.

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Question: If one mother’s command you to stay away from the house of your in laws and even reject going anywhere with them. Then she says if you go with those people take a black marker an mark Off her name from his birth certificate .. What to do? Answer: In the Name of Allah,… read more »

Using the Word ‘Sihr/ Magic’ as a Brand Name

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Answered by Shaykh Mazhar Mahmood Question: I plan on investing in a clothing line. My partners and I were planning on naming our line of clothing siḥr (magic). Would this be permissible? Answer: We thank you for contacting Mathabah for your query. We ask Allāh Almighty to bless your endeavors and the line of business… read more »

When the Awaited Imam Mahdi Emerges

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Answered by Shaykh Yūsuf Badāt Question: When the Mahdi returns will he rule the whole world or just a certain part? How exactly will this happen? Isn’t this then a hugely awaiting event for the Muslims? Answer: Jazākumullāhu Khayran/ Thank you for your question. The awaited Mahdī will rule the entire world. It will be… read more »

Fiqh of Clothing Colour

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By Mufti Khalid Saifullah Al-Rahmani Translated by Shaykh Yusuf Badat The Islamic law does not limit its followers in wearing a specific colour. Islam respects the preferences and temperaments of humans. Hence, Islamic jurists (fuqahā) state, “There is no objection in any colour of clothing” (al-Durr al-Mukhtār). The Prophet’s (peace and blessings upon him) Preference: White… read more »

Black Friday

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Q: Can a muslim have a Black Friday sale?  A: As far as Black Friday is concerned, it should be understood that it is a business and shopping event which the kuffaar promote. Though this is not a kuffaar celebration, it is among the prominent annual events which the kuffaar advertise and promote to boost sales and… read more »

Using black mehndi

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Q: Can you please tell if I can put black mehndi on my hair? Is it not allowed in Islam? A: Colours that pious and upright Muslim women use should be used. And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.   Answered by: Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach) Source