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Assalamu alaikum, Please clarify with evidences from scholars regarding the punishment Allah(SWT) inflicted on some jews, turning them into Apes/Swines, & splitting of the moon by our Prophet(SAW).

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I believed them to be literal events but a brother informed me of alternative explanations. He gave the following as proof that Allah (SWT) did not literally transform the Jews, physically, but only gave them characteristics of Apes and swines. “They were not actually transformed into apes, only their hearts were changed.” (Mujahid) “God has… read more »

How do you reconcile all the different descriptions of what happens when one dies? Could you elaborate on the actual sequence of events please?

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You have written elsewhere that upon death angels take good souls to a place called Illiyeen. However you have also said that they remain in their graves where a window onto jannah is opened before them. Additionally I have also heard that after death, the time until the day of Judgment passes instantaneouly for you…. read more »

During Salaat, while reciting Atthayyat, some people circle their right index finger, throughout. Which is the correct position, please state the mandating Hadith?

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Also, when raising the index finger, a ring is formed with the thumb and the middle finger, should this ring be maintained, even after finishing the Atthayyat? I was told that this was the Sunnah. Answer According to the Hanafi Madhab, the index finger should be raised when reciting the ‘Laa’ in Attahiyyaat and lowering… read more »

What were the Dhikrs of Prophet after Fard Salaat?

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I have learnt that he used to say the following: AllahuAkbar once, Astaghfirullah thrice, Ayat-ul-Kursi once, Subhan Allah and Alhamdulillah 33 time, AllahuAkbar 34 times Allahumma Aiinni….. once Allahumma Antas Salaamu…… once. Please provide references in terms of Hadith for all the above Sunnahs. Answer The sunnah after the fard salaahs are as follows: –… read more »

Assala o Alekum if any body(dead) can get reward of my recite from H.Quran after my request to Allah.pl give full detail covering Quran & Hadith (F.Hanfi)Allah Hafiz

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As i read an article from Ahle Hadith(non follower)on the matter supported by various Quranic Verses. i’m much confused pl guide me following Hanfi Fiqh with details so that i may talk to some body with authentic references Allah Hafiz Answer To make Isaal-e-Sawaab (pass reward) by performing acts of virtue, giving Sadaqaat reciting Qur’aan,… read more »

1) is covering the face restricted to Iddah period only, 2) what is the Sharai’ ruling on a person who ridicules the Islamic dress code? or any other ‘fundamental’ of Islam?

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a) some people in our house consider face veiling (and purdah in general) from ghair mahrams to be restricted to Iddah period only, is this correct? b) what is the Sharai’ ruling on a person who ridicules the Islamic dress code? or any other ‘fundamental’ of Islam? c) is it permissible to greet ghair mahram… read more »

There is a hadith that states ‘Laylatul Qadr in on one of the last ten uneven nights of Ramadaan. Is this an authentic hadith?

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Answer Ubada bin Samit (Radhiallaahu Anhu) reports, “Once I enquired from the Holy Prophet (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) with regards to Laylatul Qadr. He replied that it is in the odd nights of the last 10 days of Ramadaan. Whoever worships Allah with full conviction and anticipating reward from Him shall have his past sins forgiven”…. read more »