Fasting and bleeding gums

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Answered by Shaykh Ali Hani

What is the ruling during Ramadan for someone who has some blood in his gums? What if this is a medical condition that leads to a slight yellowish discoloration of the saliva and sometimes small specks of blood? What do we do if it is an on-going condition and how do we catch up the days of fasting?

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate.

It says in the Hashiyat al-Jamal in the chapter of fasting (2/319), “If one is afflicted by the bleeding of gums, such that it is always bleeding, or most of the time, it [s. the blood] is excused if it is difficult to avoid. It is sufficient for him spit it out and the traces that are left from it are forgiven.

It is not possible to obligate him to wash [h. his mouth] all day because the underlying assumption is that [h. the blood] always flows or seeps. If he washes it, it is [h. even] possible that it would bleed more. This is what Adhra`i said, and this is a clear and sound understanding.

Refer to Shirwani, (3/406) to the saying of Imam Ramli and Shirwani.

Ali Hani

[Translated by Sr. Shazia Ahmad and Sidi Hamza Karamali]


قال الجمل في باب الصوم (2/319) : و لو عمت البلوى شخص بدمي لثته بحيث بجري دائما غالبا سومح بما يشق الإحتراز عنه و يكفي بصقه و يعفى عن أثره و لا سبيل إلى تكليفه غسله جميع نهاره إذ الفرض أنه يجري دائما او يترشح و ربما اذا غسله زاد جريانه, كذا قال الأذرعي و هو فقه ظاهر. وانظر الى الشرواني (3/406) كلام م ر والشرواني.