Bedroom Fiqh: Oral Sex

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Answered by Shaykh Amjad Rasheed

Is it permissible for the husband to use his tongue on his wife’s private parts in order to stimulate her if his being able to satisfy her his dependent on this? Is it permissible for the wife to use her mouth on her husband’s private part in order for him to gain more pleasure from her?

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful and Compassionate


Yes, it is permissible for both the man and the woman to do what has been mentioned in the question, since every form of sexual enjoyment is permissible between husband and wife except for (1) anal intercourse and (2) deriving pleasure from what is between the navel and knee of women in menstruation or post-natal bleeding.  These are the only two things that are forbidden between husband and wife.

However, one should note the following two points:

  1. It is not obligatory for the woman to do what has been mentioned in the question even if her husband demands it.  The only thing that is obligatory for her is to make herself available for intercourse.  If, however, she agrees to it, then it is permissible as mentioned above.
  2. The one who does what has been mentioned above should avoid filth if it is present on the private parts.

Amjad Rasheed
Amman, Jordan
(Translated by Hamza Karamali)


السؤال: هل يجوز للزوج أن يستعمل لسانه على فرج زوجته ليحرك شهوتها حيث توقف قضاء وطرها على ذلك ؟ هل يجوز للمرأة أن تستعمل فيها على فرج زوجها لتزيد تلذذه منها ؟ الجواب: نعم يجوز فعل ما ذكر في السؤال للرجل والمرأة ؛ لأن كل تمتع بين الزوجين جائز إلاّ الوطء في الدبر والمباشرة فيما بين السرة والركبة للحائض والنفساء , فهذان الأمران فقط اللذان يحرمان في المعاشرة بين الأزواج . لكن ينبغي التنبيه هنا على أمرين : الأول : أن ما ذكر في السؤال ليس واجبا على المرأة أن تفعله إذا طلبه الزوج , فالواجب عليها فقط تمكينه من الوطء , لكن لو وافقته عليه فيجوز كما علم . الثاني : ينبغي لمن يفعل ما ذكر في السؤال أن يحترز من النجاسة إن كانت على الفرج .

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