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Removing the foetus from the womb of a deceased mother

Q. A pregnant woman is terminally will. The doctors estimate that she may live for a few more weeks due to the nature of the terminal illness. What must be done if she passes away if the baby is alive in her womb? Should the baby be taken out from her womb or should the baby be left in her womb and buried with her? Please advise.

Hanafi Fiqh

Can a woman stay in another city without a Mahram?

Q. I am married and live in Durban. My sister lives in Johannesburg and her daughter is making Nikah in a Months’ time. My husband is working and cannot accompany me to Johannesburg to help with the pre-Nikah and Walimah preparations except for a short period of time. Can my husband fly with me as my Mahram to Johannesburg, leave me at my sister’s place and fly back the same day whilst I remain in Johannesburg to help with the pre-Nikah and Walimah preparations?

Hanafi Fiqh

Combining an intention of Zakaat and a Loan

Q. There is a brother at the masjid who is asking me for a R10.000.00 loan so that he can invest in his business and return the money back in 2 weeks. In the past, I had very bad experiences in lending money to our brothers. They take money from you and never pay back and they even stop talking to you. I want to avoid this situation to happen to me again so I decided Not to lend money to anybody again in the future. My question here is:

Can I pay Zakat in advance since my Zakat is due in Ramadan 2022? SO, basically, I will lend the R10.000.00 with the intention of Zakat but at the same time I want to test the sincerity of the brother. If after 2 weeks, he returns the money as promised, I will just tell him to keep it. Because, initially, it was for Zakat. The brother is in need and I feel I should help. At the same time, I want to protect myself. Can I do this in Islam?

Hanafi Fiqh

Dealing with claimants to an estate

Q. A man passed away and had kept valuable items in his possession. A person claims that certain items kept in the safe by the deceased belong to him and were kept as safe keeping for him. Do the items have to be handed over to him? What’s the procedure?

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