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The Responsibility of Arab Leaders towards Gaza

Answered as per Maliki Fiqh by BinBayyah.net

In an exclusive to IslamOnline.net, Sheikh Abdullah bin Bayyah, Vice-Chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, demanded immediate steps to support the victimized Gaza. He asked most urgently for “unity and coordination among Arab rulers.”

Bin Bayyah stressed that: “Muslim rulers are required to rescue their fellow Muslims in many ways, through financial, military and diplomatic support. Everything should be done to stop this terrible, ongoing massacre in Gaza.”

The prominent Sheikh added that all that scholars can do is “call upon our rulers to help Gaza, especially as there are no borders open to Gaza for the Arab peoples to extend help. We appeal to them (the Arab leaders) to exert the utmost effort in rescuing such innocent souls and stop this unjust bloodshed.”

In the same respect, Bin Bayyah sent a special message to Palestinians: “I also call upon our Palestinian brothers to unite all resistance movements into one entity. They should by no means remain so divided anymore. They have to join hands in the same name and under the same banner. And it is the duty of all Arabs to help them in the name of Islam, logic, pan-Arabism and humanity.”

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