Wiping over socks that have holes in them – (Hanbali Fiqh)

Answered according to Hanbali Fiqh by

Assalamu ‘ alaikum,

Is it permissible to wipe over socks that have holes in them according to the madhab?

Answered by Imam Zahed Fettah


Strictly speaking this is not allowed in the madhhab. However, if there is a hardship and the holes are small, then you can take with the second view in our madhhab, which allows you to wipe, and this was the position of Imam al-Majd ibn Taymiyyah and his grandson Taqi al-Din ibn Taymiyyah.

This answer was collected from The Hanbali Madhhab website. The answers to the questions are given by Imam Zahed Fattah in accordance to the Hanbali School of Jurisprudence.

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