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Praying jum`a early – (Hanbali Fiqh)

Answered as per Hanbali Fiqh by TheHanbaliMadhhab.com

Salam alaikum, in audio 19 there is the statement that one can pray jum`a roughly 15 or 20 minutes after sunrise especially if there is hardship to pray it later. As there are no mosques in my country where they would pray so early I want to ask wether one could pray jum`a at his own home? And is the imam or khatib included in the 3 people or not? So if one has a wife and daughter at home it doesn´t count as jum`a anymore, isn´t it? So there mus be a minimum of 3 people who are obliged to attend?

Answered by Imam Zahed Fettah


No this would not be permissible, and Jumu’ah would be invalid in the scenario mentioned in the question. And even if there are three men, then Jumu’ah should not be prayed at home like this, since this defeats the objective of the Friday prayer altogether, especially when at least 40 people are required in the madhhab.

And success is from Allah

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