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Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah
If a man intercourse two times in a day of ramadan then what is the ruling(number of kaffarah)?
If a man intercourse two days(consecutively or apart) of ramadan then what is the ruling(number of kaffarah)?
[please with reference (I.e.Rawd al Murbi,Muntaha,Iqna)]

Answered by Imam Zahed Fettah

Wa’alaikumussalam warahamtullah.


The position of the Hanbali madhhab on this issue is that one kaffarah is required if someone has intercourse on the same day, even if more than once, as long as this is before paying his expiation.

If he has intercourse on two different days, then he is required to give two expiations (ie. fast for two consecutive months twice or feed 120 poor people). The same applies if he has intercourse, pays his expiation on the same day, then has intercourse again on the same day. He would be liable for a second kaffarah according to the madhhab in this case.

[See Kashhaf al-Qina’ and Sharh al-Muntaha for further details]

And success is from Allah

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