Yawning – (Hanbali Fiqh)

Answered according to Hanbali Fiqh by TheHanbaliMadhhab.com

❝Upon yawning one shouldn’t (be lax and) make sounds like “Haaah” or “Aaakh” or any other sounds that make the letters apparent. If one does this in Salah (i.e – yawns in this manner) then it is nullified, because it takes the ruling of talking (inside Salah).

If one is overcome by the yawn then they should cover their mouth with their hand and not remove it until they’re done.

It is Makruh to yawn in the midst of others whist having the ability to stop it.

If one really needs to yawn then they should move away a little from the people and do it.❞

— Musa al-Hajjawi (r)