Not Fasting: Legitimate Reason but not Apparent – (Hanbali Fiqh)

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If a person isn’t fasting due to a legitimate reason but this reason is not apparent, like menstruation or one travelling but it isn’t obvious that s/he is a traveler or a person who is ill but it isn’t apparent, then these individuals should be prevented or rebuked, in the words of Abu Ya’la, from eating or drinking openly so they aren’t accused of not keeping their fasts. They should eat and drink away from the people and not openly.

From this we understand that if it was the time of the month for a girl and the womenfolk of her house or her husband know this then it is ok for her to eat and drink in their presence but she shouldn’t be eating around others who will most likely be clueless about her state.

Refer to what al-Qadi Abu Ya’la and Abu-l Wafa Ibn ‘Aqil have said as quoted in Kasshaf al-Qina’

This answer was collected from The Hanbali Madhhab website. The answers to the questions are given by Imam Zahed Fattah in accordance to the Hanbali School of Jurisprudence.

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