The official position of the madhhab by two books – (Hanbali Fiqh)

Answered according to Hanbali Fiqh by

❝The official position of the madhhab is that which is agreed upon by the two books:

1. Muntaha-l Iradat by Imam ibn al-Najjar al-Futuhi (r) [d. 972 AH]

2. Al-Iqna’ li Talibi-l Intifa’ by ‘Allamah Musa al-Hajjawi (r) [d. 968 AH]

A third key reference text for knowing the official position of the madhhab is:

3. Ghayatu-l Muntaha fi-l Jam’i bayna-l Iqna’ wa-l Muntaha by the Faqih, Imam Mar’i al-Karmi (r) [d. 1033 AH]

If the first two books differ then most of our companions gave priority to what is in Muntaha-l Iradat, and others gave preference to what is in Ghayatu-l Muntaha as was the advice of Shaykh al-Saffarini (r).❞

— ‘Allamah Shaykh ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Aqil (rahimahullah)