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For those delivering Khutbah in the West, there are two views:

First view:

1) To say what they need to say in English during the Khutbahs whilst maintaining the order of the pillars and conditions of the Khutbah and saying them in Arabic.


2) To deliver a brief talk in English and then after that deliver the two Khutbahs with all its pillars in Arabic.

Sh. ‘Āmir Bahjat (h) said, ❝I understand these two methods to be permissible according to the Madhhab.❞

Sh. Hamad al-Marrī (h) also states that both are fine.

Second view:

Sh. Husain al-Ansārī (h) is of the view that it’s safer to either deliver the translation of the Khutbah before second Adhān or to deliver it in English after the Jumu’ah prayer is over.

He also says that it is not appropriate to deliver the English Khutbah at length whilst delivering the Arabic Khutbah by only stating the pillars just to get them out of the way, as if they’re a formality, when in fact the Arabic one is the primary one as it symbolises a certain reality of Islām (i.e. it’s from the Sha’āir) and is the one without which the Jumu’ah prayer isn’t valid.

He further says that Khutbahs ought to be short (around 10 mins) as that’s the Sunnah and because it helps people concentrate better; the same applies to the English Khutbah.

Click Here to view the pillars and conditions of the two Khutbahs.

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