Giving Salam to the one praying? – (Hanbali Fiqh)

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Giving Salam to the one praying is permissible (but not recommended) according to the Madhhab, as stated in Muntaha-l Iradat and it is the Nass (explicit text) of Imam Ahmad (r).

However, there is another strong opinion in the Madhhab that says it is disliked to give Salam to the one praying. This was the position of Imam Abu-l Wafa Ibn ‘Aqil (r), Imam al-Hajjawi (r), and others.

[See Kashhaf al-Qina’, Chapter of Salah]

This answer was collected from The Hanbali Madhhab website. The answers to the questions are given by Imam Zahed Fattah in accordance to the Hanbali School of Jurisprudence.

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