Allāh’s messenger ﷺ would lengthen the Fajr prayer – (Hanbali Fiqh)

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❝Allāh’s messenger ﷺ would lengthen the Fajr prayer compared to the other prayers due to a number of reasons:

– The recitation at Fajr is witnessed (by Allāh and the angels according to some, and by the angels of the day and night according to others).

– Its length makes up for the decrease in the number of Rak’āt.

– People are fresh as they have had time to sleep.

– The people are not yet occupied in their livelihoods and the Dunyā.

– The heart and mind are both present as they are not occupied with the Dunyā, so a person can reflect over the recitation.

– It is the first action of the day and a foundation of the remaining actions of the day.❞

— Imām Shams al-Dīn, Ibn al-Qayyim (r)

This answer was collected from The Hanbali Madhhab website. The answers to the questions are given by Imam Zahed Fattah in accordance to the Hanbali School of Jurisprudence.

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