If during Tawaaf ones Wudhu breaks, then from which point does one resume the Tawaaf after renewing ones Wudhu? 

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Q. If a person breaks Wudhu whilst performing Tawaaf of the Ka’bah and then goes to perform Wudhu, from where does a person start Tawaaf after returning to the Mataaf? Does a person have to repeat the entire Tawaaf?

A. It is necessary for a person to be in the state of Wudhu whilst making Tawaaf of the Ka’bah. Hence, if a person is performing Tawaaf of the Ka’bah in the state of Wudhu and his/her Wudhu breaks whilst making Tawaaf, then he/she should re-new their Wudhu and resume from the point of the Wudhu breaking. For e.g. if a person’s Wudhu had broken at the Rukn-e-Yamaani, then after renewing ones Wudhu, one would resume the Tawaaf from the Rukn-e-Yamaani and not from the Hajr-ul-Aswad i.e. the beginning point of Tawaaf.

Therefore, it is not necessary to repeat the entire Tawaaf. (Badaai’-us-Sanaai’2/130)

Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ismaeel Bassa

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