Supplications When Rising From Bowing and Between Prostrations

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Answered by Sidi Danish Qasim

Question: As-salamu ‘alaykum wa rahmutu’Llah,

When the imam rises from ruku’ saying “Sami’ Allahu li man hamidah’ does he also need to say inaudibly “Rabbana laka’l hamd” or is the latter phrase said only by the muqtadi?

If the imam says the latter as well, must the muqtadi also say both phrases rather than just the second?

Secondly, in the sitting between the two sujud, saying “Allahummaghfirli wa’r rahmni wahdini wa aafini wa’rzukni” is that sunnah for all prayers or only non-fard prayers?

May Allah bless and increase you, Sidi.

Answer: Bismillah

Assalam Alaykum wa rahmatullah

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1. Rising from bowing

In the Hanafi school saying “Rabbana lakal hamd” upon rising from bowing (ruko) is one of the emphasized sunnahs of prayer. There is a difference of opinion whether or not the imam should make the supplication. According to Imam Abu Hanifa, only the follower should say it, while Imam Muhammad and Abu Yusuf hold that the imam should also make the supplication.

If the imam is to make the supplication, he does so inaudibly to the followers. In either case, the followers only say “Rabbana lakal hamd.”

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2. Supplication between prostrations

It is a sunnah to recite the supplication “Allahumma ighfirli wa irhamni wa `afini wa ihdini wa urzuqni” between prostrations of a voluntary (nafl) prayer. It would still however be recommended to make this supplication in an obligatory (fard) prayer to avoid difference of opinion and to help one remain motionless between the two prostrations.

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Sources: Maraqi Al Falah

Walaykum asalaam