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assalamualaikum-i am trying for children, my husband and i have been married for 3 years and i have fertility problems. please advise on duas or what i can do acording to the prophet (pbuh) sunnah. jazakallah

Al-Jawaab Wa Billah-it-Tawfeeq

Perform two Rakaats Salaat-ul-Haajat regulalry followed by the masnoon duaa.

You may also recite the following Qur’anic Duaas:-

(1) Rabbi Hub Li Mi Nas-Saaliheen. (Surah As-Saaffaat: Verse no. 100)

O my Lord! Bestow me pious offspring.

(2) Rabbi Hub Li Mil-Ladunka Zurriyatan Tayyibah. Innaka Samee-ud-Duaa.
(Surah A’al Imraan: Verse no. 38)

O my Lord! Bestow me from yourself pure offspring. Verily you are the listener of supplication.

Allah (SWT) Knows Best

(Mufti) Abdullah Patel
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