Gelatin in capsules

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Dear Mufti saheb

Assalamu alikum,

My doctor has prescribed some capsules as an antibiotic treatmnet for indigestion and ulcers. While I was reading the ingredients I realised that the casules contains Gelatine, therefore I have not taken any capsule yet.

Could you please let me know whats the islamic ruling regarding this, am I allowed to take these capsules.

Jazzak Allah

Rashid Khan

Bismihi Ta’aalaa

Wa Alaykum Salam,

The Bottom line: If there is no adequate alternative then it is permissible to use such medicines.

At the outset, we should never forget that sickness and health are both in the Hands of Allah SWT and we should pray 2 units of Salaatul Haajat regularly and petition Allah for good health whilst taking advantage of the medicine. Always having the belief that Allah is the only Being who can give shif’aa.

There are several authentic du’aas for pain in the body in the highly acclaimed, Al Hisnul Hasin by Allamah Muhammad Al Jazri Rahmatullahi Alaih on page 217 (English version).

Steps to take:
Searching for adequate alternatives:

1. You may also ask at your local pharmacy, Lloyds Supersave, Superdrug/ and Boots Chemists for adequate alternatives. They would have more idea to alternatives and the product ranges are in front of them. Companies try to be customer-oriented and we as Muslims can take advantage of this as after all we are customers. Demand politely but firmly.

2. Products from The pharmaceutical industry quite often has a medical helpline for consumers printed on the product. It would be advisable to ring them to ascertain whether they would have the product you require. If you feel uncomfortable ringing them, we would me more than happy to investigate them for you, however it would be appreciable if you could get the numbers from labels of the products for us.

3. Ask your GP (preferably Muslim, if possible)for an alternative which is haraam-ingredient free. They have highly detailed databases which they may interrogate.

4. Ask your pharmacist (preferably Muslim, if possible) for an alternative. They have the make-up of the medicine in front of them and should know of adequate alternatives.

I pray that this proves useful.
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(Mufti) Abdullah Patel
Halal Food Guide

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