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alsalamo alaykoom,
is it ok for girls/women to wear eyeliner/kohl in public?

Waalaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Bismillahir rahmaanir rahim.

According to the sunnah of Nabi SAW, kohl/surma is applied before going to sleep.
Therefore, applying kohl/surma in public is not according to Sunnah.

It comes in a hadith that ‘A woman herself is ‘aurah. When she goes out, Syaithaan beautifies her (uses her to become a means of fitnah)’.

A woman leaving her house perfumed and adorned even with her husband’s permission is regarded as a major sin. (‘Umdatus Saalik pg: 983)

Thus, it does not befit a woman to apply any form of make-up in public as it is not permissible and sinful as a woman should always observe hijab when in public.

And Allah knows best.

Binti Zahari

Public Notes
Note from Ulamaa ID 10 – added on 21/01/2008 @ 22:49pm:
Please note that the line ‘Therefore, applying kohl/surma in public is contradicting the sunnah. ‘ implies to women and girls only as the questioner has asked. We apologize if the statement seemed ambiguous and unclear.

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