Beginning of Ramadhan ?

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I Have been given a leaflet being distributed by Croydon Masjid, regarding fatwas from various Ulama from India, including the main mufti of Deoband, which is saying that we should no follow Saudi, their was a big problem in croydon masjid, the mufti sab is adamant that those that begun ramadhan on tuesday, was shaban, now what is the truth, it is written in the leaflet that the saudi calendar is fixed from the very beginning, I`m trying to find out the truth as their are many brothers and sisters who are very confused about this.


Bismihi Ta’ala

The Chaand moonsighting committee of the U.K is an established and accepted body that determines the beginning and end of every Islamic month. We should unanimously follow the verdict of this committee to avoid differences.

And Allah knows best.

Mufti Yaseen Shaikh

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