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When a person is on a state where because of the amount of questions being posed to them their iman is becoming weak what should they do? I am becoming alim and the amounts of questions being posed to me now are many. I cannot answer many of the q’s and feel very bad for this. This is also putting me off becoming Alim, as i think i do not have sufficient knowledge for this position. I do not think i am worthy of the status or responsisbility. My iman is becoming weak as i feel i do not know anything. This is quite worrying as i am only months away from graduating. Should i just leave?

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Al Jawaab Billahit-Tawfeeq

Respected brother,

1. No person is worthy of any status, and nobody earns the right to be honoured and respected. Any position, status or success a person achieves is only by the grace of Allah Almighty. Allah has chosen you from among the hundreds around you and blessed you with the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of Islam. Knowledge is by far one of the greatest bounties of Allah. Whilst acknowledging the fact that you are not worthy, you should express gratitude to Allah Almighty for having blessed you despite being undeserving.

2. An Alim is the greatest enemy of Shaytan. The Hadeeth states that one Alim is far more difficult for Shaytan to bear than a thousand ‘Abids (those who worship Allah). Hence Shaytan spends all his efforts in trying to discourage a person from gaining knowledge of Deen. By giving up your Alim course so close to graduation you will only be aiding Shaytan in achieving his objective.

Making a person feel worthless to the extent that he wants to give up whatever righteousness he has taken up is one of the discreet ploys of Shaytan. He tries to discourage the person by casting him in a state of “Qabdh”, whereby he no longer feels the desire to do good.

For more insight on this deception of Shaytan please take the time to listen to the an informative lecture you will find on the following link:

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3. It is not necessary for an Alim to always have an answer to whatever question is posed to him. The Prophet (salallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) has been reported to have said: “It is part of knowledge that a person says ‘I do not know’, when he does not know.”

4. No doubt, being an Alim is a huge responsibility. However, we are only what Allah makes us, and we know only that which Allah grants us knowledge of. Constantly beg of Allah to assist you in upholding the responsibility of being an Alim of Deen. Always rely on Allah and not on your own knowledge. Insha Allah the more you share your knowledge, the more Allah will open your heart to avenues that were once unknown to you.

And Allah knows best

A. Z. Pandor

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