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I have some money I saved for Hajj. The lunar year has been completed on this money but I have to give this money now for Hajj and I also need to keep some money for expenses such as food during Hajj. Now do I have to pay Zakaah on that money or I deduct the money left aside for Hajj and pay the zakaah on the money left ?

Jazak-Allah khair.


Assalaamu ‘Alaikum wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuh.

* The passing of a lunar year on Nisaab (amount of money upon which Zakaah is due) automatically makes Zakaah incumbent. It is neccessary to give the Zakaah on that money immediately.

* Hajj only becomes obligatory if and when a person has got enough money to travel to the Haram and fund his stay there during the Hajj period (not neccessarily in a five star hotel), bear the neccessary expenses of Hajj, and also leave behind sufficient funds for his family’s basic needs in his absence. Along with that the time of Hajj is also a condition for Hajj to be Fardh. Therefore, if before the arrival of the Hajj period, one loses some or all of the money he had saved for his Hajj, and he does not have sufficient funds anymore, then Hajj will no longer be Fardh (obligatory) on him.

* Zakaah is due on ANY money that is excess to basic neccessities and requirements (Haajat-e-Asliyyah). Since the lunar year has been completed prior to your handing in the money you had saved for Hajj, you will be liable to pay Zakaah on it, as it was still in your possession at the end of the year. However, if the money had left your possession even as little as a day before the completion of one lunar year, Zakaah would not have been due on that money. (Fatwa of Mufti Yusuf Ludhyaanwi R.A, Khawaateen ke Masaail Aur unka Hal, pg. 433)

* Based on the above, Zakaah will also be due on the money you have kept aside for expenses during your journey for Hajj.

And Allaah knows best.


A. Z. Pandor

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