Why are there only 4 Imam’s – i.e Hanafi, Shafee, Hanmbli,Ma

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I got this question from a person who is Ahle Hadis / Gair Maqladeen.
That from we got the authorty to follow only 4 Imams, and how is that possible that on some of Fardh pertainaing to Zakat, like for example.
he mentions according to Imam Abu Hanifa Zakat is compulsory for all the gold ornaments which are in use or simply kept ,
While Imam Shafee Zakat is only for the Gold which are in use & the gold which is not in use Zakat is not Wajib.
Request to please help me to clear thru Authentic source
First About 4 Imams
Next about Zakat.

Im preety disturbed with all these.
Also kindly Excuse me Poor English.


Bismihi Ta’ala

The question of why four and not five is one posed by those who do not have knowledge regarding the development of Fiqh in the early centuries of Islam. Many books have been written on the development of Fiqh, but here I will briefly mention one point that is sufficient to answer this question. There were initially more Schools like the one of Auza’ee and Thauree and Laith but they did not establish or flourish due to its followers not keeping up. Whereas, the followers of the famous four Schools studied them, propagated them, produced literatue for them and gave sequence to them. This is how Allah willed to happen, acceptance is after all, in Allahs hands only.

The second question about the Zakaah issue and the fundamental differences between the Ahnaf and the Shawaafi on that one ruling pointed out by yourself can be answered by saying that each jurist has a evidence from Shari’ah to support their view. According to one jurist, his proof is principally stronger and according to the other, his is principally stronger. There is no harm in this.

And Allah knows best

Mufti Yaseen Shaikh

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