Keeping a beard

Q: I am a Pakistani and currently residing in Europe since many years. I used to have beard but started trimming it slowly and now I shaved it completely. I did because my nafs was no more supporting me to keep it as I stopped doing salaat (prayers), and I used to do other major sins, zina, friendship with girls, drinking, etc with beard face. I started feeling that my beard is just by name and to show to others that I am a very neat and clean Muslim. Important thing is that when I used to do any sin with beard it also gives bad name to muslims in society. That is also correct that beard was a way in my freedom to do these sins. Now my friends asking me that you was better with beard but they don’t know the reality but Allah knows my reality. Although it is true that not making salaat, shaving beard, and doing other sins is very bad and leading to Jahannum. My questions are 1) Should I start growing beard again when I am not performing salaah and doing other sins in society e.g. friendship with girls, zina, not protecting the gaze. 2) Is there any difference in the level of sin when doing it clean shaven and keeping the beard less than a fist? 3) Should I just keep a beard to make my friends happy again? 4) Should I make myself correct in terms of compulsory commandments (Salaat), stop doing sins, and then I should keep a beard or the other way around (vice versa). Please help me in this situation as I am very worried about it.



1. By all means, you should start keeping a beard. It does not mean that if you neglect one obligation then you should neglect another obligation as well. The obligation you can easily do, complete it and ask Allah Ta`ala’s assistance and forgiveness that you may be able to accomplish other duties and obligations as well.

2. There is no difference.

3 – 4. You should start off keeping the beard and try your best to fulfil your deeni obligations and duties. Don’t worry whether your friends are pleased with you or not. Don’t pay attention to these types of thoughts.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.


Answered by:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)